Episode 253 - It’s Time to Take the Fight to USSF


We're back from a long hiatus to catch you up on the goings-on in the fight for US soccer reform.

Episode 252 - Updates in the Sports Legal World


More legal talk, this time judges making decisions on cases previously discussed on this podcast - with special emphasis on St. Louis v. NFL.

Episode 251 - NASL v. USSF Update


Mike takes a moment to discuss NASL v. USSF, now in the appellate courts.  #ProRelForUSA #GulatiOut #Wynalda4USSF

Episode 250!!!


This is the 250th episode of the Winning Side Coaches podcast.  To celebrate, we are taking a stroll down memory lane with our favorite moments.

Episode 249 - October Potpourri


Mike talks about batsu safety, his new NFL team, and #GulatiOut mixed with #ProRelForUSA.


Episode 248 - NASL v. USSF - Commisso Speaks


What?  The whole NASL v. USSF matter isn't over yet?  NY Cosmos owner chimes in.

Episode 247 - NASL v. USSF Part 4


Part 4 of 4.  NASL sues USSF.

Episode 246 - NASL v. USSF Part 3


Part 3 of 4.  The NASL has sued the USSF for their shady business.

Episode 245 - NASL v. USSF Part 2


Mike continues to read and comment on NASL v. USSF.  Part 2 of 4.

Episode 244 - NASL v. USSF Part 1


The North American Soccer League has sued USSF over the league's being desanctioned.  Mike will read the lawsuit.  Part 1 of 4.

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